Sweat Slim Belt Side Effects

There are some side effects of Sweat Slim Belt. Though those are no a big deal but here are those:
1. After putting the sweat slim belt it may begin itching (chulkani) when you are sweating. You can itching yourself. It will not be painful or disgusting usual matter after 2/3 days. Sometimes buyers call me about the itching. When I said them it will gone, they believe me and wait. And they didn’t call me again about this matter.

2. Sometimes it may be sweat profusely, just put off and wait for 4/5 hours and then put it again.

3. Water and salt will be come out from your body when you use it at the time of sweating. This is not a problem. Just drink extra 1/2 glasses of water after using it.

4. In the beginning of the use, you may feel unusual, it will be overcome after using it some days.

5. It will reduce your belly fat but your whole body will still have fat as before.