Vibro shape slimming

Vibro Slimming Belt

Vibro Slimming Belt

It is a vibrating belt which will help you to increase muscle strength, will improve blood circulation. Its main goal is to break down fat cells. It can fit any kinds of waists ranging from 23 inch to 60 inches. With a remote control you can set low power to high power setting options. Only use it 10 minutes per day, sometimes twice per day.

Men and women anybody can use it. It is easy to carry and you will be happy with your purchase. It will really give you the work out. You need without the hassle of going to the gym. If you really want to build lean muscle mass, enhance your strength, cut your belly or other area fat, we encourage you to buy our Vibro Slimming Belt with an affordable price.

It has LED digital display controller to show information clearly. The oval shape vibro belt can be used on around the belly, waist, legs and other body parts easily. Blood circulation will be increased, fat will be reduced and thus your weight will be lost.

Some precaution of using Vibro Slimming Belt:

  1. Don’t exceed twice per day of using it.
  2. If women that trying to conceive can’t use the Vibro Slimming Belt.
  3. Try wearing an undershirt or plastic wrap to protect against the texture of the belt.
  4. You can use this amazing device while doing your all household works, spending time with your family or at other working time.

Price: 3150 to 4250 Taka. More details Click Here.


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