How to Lose Weight

How to lose weight

Hello, I’m Maryam. I hope you’re all well.

I’m-very excited about today’s post, as today I will be sharing my top 10 diets tips with you.

But before starting, for those of you who don’t know, my weight used to be 70kg+. I now weigh 52kg, so I have lost a lot of weight. How I did this, what habits did I change and what are my routines, I will share with you.

I was actually always very weight conscious, but when I had my second baby, a girl, my weight increased a lot but for some reason I didn’t realize it.

I used to eat the same food. I was preoccupied with children and didn’t really think about how much weight I’ve put on. 6 weeks after having my baby, we went to Chessington for a holiday with my husband and children.

How to lose weight
How to lose weight

On one of the rides our picture got taken, which wasn’t like a selfie, it was a regular photo. When I saw this I was shocked to realize what’s happened to me. I had gained a lot of weight, my shoulders my face, my whole body looked huge. That is when I decided that I must do something about this. I don’t want to look like this and must lose weight. From the next day I started my process of losing weight. I thought that no matter what happens, how long it takes I will not look like this and I will lose my weight.

If you would like to lose weight in a healthy way and be able to maintain it. Then you will need to change a lot of your habits, your lifestyle and make a plan.

So this is what I will speak about in this post, what changes you can make to your lifestyle to lose weight, have a healthy life and maintain it.

Tip 1

Cheat Day

The first tip I’d like to share with you is Cheat Day. When we begin our weight loss journey, one of the hardest things is to stop eating your favorite foods.


My mum would nag me to lose weight and I would always say that I’ll start tomorrow. I used to say this because I couldn’t let go of my favourite foods Biryani, Parotha’s. The solution to this is having a cheat day. I love eating burgers so our cheat day is a Saturday. On your cheat day, you do not look at your calories; you don’t think that this is too oily, unhealthy, and sweet. In that day you can eat whatever you want. It’s also great when you have been eating healthy all week and you’re seeing others eating burgers or you’re seeing adverts for food that you like. Then you can think to yourself that it’s okay, I will have this burger or Biryani on my cheat day.

This will make everything a lot easier for you. Cheat days are scientifically proven as well. If you eat diet/healthy food all week with time your body gets used to burning less calories and burning them slowly.

But if you give your body an unhealthy meal once a week, with a lot of calories, then you metabolism will go back to normal.

Tip 2

Drink Lots Of water

My second tip is drinking lots of water. When we decide to lose weight, we change a lot of our habits such as eating less, doing more exercise stop eating unhealthy food. But one thing we don’t think about is drinking water; this is the most important part of weight loss. If you don’t drink enough water and your body is dehydrated, then your calorie burring process will slow down. Drinking water is very important, it speeds up your metabolism, it doesn’t contain any calories.

If you drink a glass of water before eating, then you will feel less hungry, resulting in your eating less. If you then have a warm glass of water after your meal, it will help with the digestion of your meal. Overall if you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, your body will stay hydrated, you will burn more calories; your metabolism will speed up, your skin will also look good.

Drink Water for weight lose
Drink Water for weight lose

Some people, who start the weight loss process, end up losing weight but their skin becomes dull. We need to bear in mind when losing weight that we eat healthy, and don’t do anything to have a negative effect on our skin, and we still lose weight.

Water is very important; drinking it first thing in the morning is also very beneficial. When we sleep for 7-8 hours our body becomes dehydrated. When I wake up in the morning I have at least 2 glasses of warm water, which is very good for burning fat.

First thing in the morning have 2 glasses of water, then before a meal and then after meal. Also during the day whether you’re thirsty or not just keep drinking water as it is very good for you.

Tip 3

Get Enough Sleep

My third tip is getting enough sleep. You need to sleep for at least 6-8 hours. This is often forgotten but is very important. We completely ignore it sometimes we’re exercising; eating healthy and still not losing weight, one of the main reasons for this can be lack of sleep. When we don’t get enough sleep this has a big effect on our metabolism, as it slows down.

Need proper sleep
Need proper sleep

Another negative effect of lack of sleep is that you feel hungrier. If you think about it, your metabolism is already slow and you’re hungrier so you are eating more. This will naturally result in you gain weight.

Getting enough sleep is very important. When you decide on losing weight, make a plan for exercise, healthy eating and getting enough sleep. Make sure to go to bed on time, staying awake till late and then waking up late in the day will also have an adverse effect on your metabolism.


Tip 4

Leave your whites and sugar

My fourth tip is to leave your whites and sugary snacks. By whites I mean, white bread, white rice, white flour chipati, these all result in weight gain, and they hardly contain any nutrition. Another negative is that when you eat white bread or white rice, you will feel hungry quicker. Brown bread and brown rice keeps you full for longer.

Leave white foods
Leave white foods

Browns contain a lot of fiber, which helps in digestion, which results in weight loss. Some people complain that brown bread has a bad taste. That’s not the case, once you get started on brown bread, with time you will begin to like the taste of it. I haven’t had white bread for years.

The second point is sugary foods. Sugar can be the main reason for weight gain. Sugar has no nutritional value, if you just leave sugary foods, even fruit juice, which contains a lot of sugar. If you like to drink juice or you don’t like drinking plain water then you can make fresh juice at home, or you can have detox water.

Detox water is very good, it has a good flavor. It is also healthy and helps with weight loss. You can have green tea which is very good for weight loss. So try to minimize sugary foods in your diet, such a biscuits, and cakes. They’re fine once a week if you have a lot of sugar cravings, you can have them on your cheat day, but don’t have them every day. Some people have a habit of drinking coke with a meal, or having desserts after meals, please try and reduce these habits.

Tip 5

Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones.

My fifth tips are to have healthy snacks at home and get rid of unhealthy ones, like biscuits, crisps, ice cream.

When you are hungry you see all these quick options, like quickly opening a packet of crisps, or having a bowl of ice cream. Instead of this if you have alternatives in the house, like fruit, you can make a fruit bowl leave it in the fridge.

Replace unhealthy foods with healthy foods
Replace unhealthy foods with healthy foods

If you have a lot of sugar cravings then fruits are also a good alternative. Pears are sweet, if you have a full banana I’m sure you’re sugar craving will go away. Yoghurt is very good if you like ice cream, you can have Greek yoghurt, which is also very good for weight loss. You can add fruits to the yoghurt and freeze it. It will have a great flavor just like ice cream.

You can cut carrots into thin slices and keep them in the fridge. You can boil vegetable and if you like tangy food then you can add chaat masala or lemon.

These small changes will be a big help on your weight loss journey. Without realizing it we eat biscuits or crisps white walking around the house. Or having late snacks such as a bowl of ice cream or something else unhealthy, this is very bad for us.

We can gain a lot of weight because of this. Try and make these small changes, with time you will see a lot of improvement.

Tip 6

Less Oil In Your Food

My 6th tip is to reduce oil in your food. Bangladeshi dishes are very tasty and my favourite, their only problem is that they contain too much oil. You can trust me that even if you put in less oil in your dishes they will taste just as great. For example I cook Bangladeshi dishes at home usually on weekends or on Wednesdays, but not every day. In these dishes I only use 1 tablespoon of oil, but the dish still tastes just as good, rather than adding more oil into the dish or rice while it’s cooking.

Don't use Ghee
Don’t use Ghee

Putting in more oil will not make much of a difference to the taste. It will just be more harmful for you; it’ll increase your cholesterol level. You can gain a lot of weight as well, and one of the main reasons for this is oil in your food. Try not to use Ghee; you can use butter instead in your dishes. You can use Deshi Ghee, but even that should be in small quantities like 1 tablespoon or teaspoon, Olive oil and coconut oil are both very good.

Try to bring these changes by using less oil and the ones that contain healthy fat.

Tip 7

Limit Your Portion

My 7th tip is to limit your portions. Often when we are eating our family, the tradition is for all the food to be laid out on a table and everyone eats together. While chatting away we end up eating a lot. This is also one of the main reasons for weight gain. So what can we do to combat this?

Limit your portion
Limit your portion

A method that worked very well for my husband and I was to setup our plates in advance. We don’t keep the bowl of food in front of us on the table. We setup our plates and just eat from them. This way the food we eat is limited. Otherwise if there is more food on the table and we’re either hungry or sometimes we’re just really enjoying the food, or sometimes we end up taking more while chatting away without realizing it.

So if you setup your plate in advance with a set portion of food, this will result in you limiting your portions and stop you from the urge of having more.

Tip 8


My 8th tip is exercise, this is extremely important to lose weight. Just dieting or eating less won’t make you lose weight, and also exercise alone will not make you lose weight.

If you are only exercising and not eating healthy then you won’t see much of a difference. Or if you think that you can exercise and then go home and I can eat anything like Parothay or Biryani because I’ve exercised. Then this will not have s positive effect on you either.

Both exercise and healthy eating are very important. If you are a beginner and you’ve never really exercise before, then you can start with a walk. Set a timer to walk for at least 15 min, in the morning or evening. Then slowly try to increase that from 15 to 30 minutes.

Just walking is not enough either, once you’ve gotten used to taking walks then try and move up to jogging, then add on other exercise likes sit-ups and weight lifting. Women tend to be afraid to do weights. But this is just a myth; weight lifting is extremely good and helps a lot to lose weight. Especially when losing weight our skin can get loose or hang, weight lifting tightens your skin, speeds up your metabolism.

Exercise is very important for weight loss. Try to introduce healthy changes into your life, eat healthy, and definitely include exercise into your life.

We have a lot of work to do at home and as we’re tired by the end of the day we tend to think that working at home has given us enough exercise already. But you still need to set aside some time for exercise. Begin with 15 minutes, then move up to 30 minutes, then try and move up to an hour.

If you cannot do these then at least go up to 30 minutes. Try to take out 30 minutes to either go for a walk or to do some exercise but make sure to include exercise into your daily life. If you cannot exercise on a daily basis then do at least 3 or 5 days.

This is very important to have a healthy life and for weight loss.

Tip 9

Stop Eating Late At Night

My 9th tip is to stop eating late at night. Another reason for weight gain is when we stay up late at night we tend to have more snacks. But some of us our dinner time is at 10 or 11. This is another big cause for weight gain.

Late night eating is a bad habit
Late night eating is a bad habit

Our metabolism slow down at night anyway, especially while sleeping it slows down. If you have eaten late night then our body cannot digest it that easily. It then becomes fat. Try to have your dinner by 7 or 8 in the evening. If you have a habit of staying up late or having midnight snacks then you can have fruits such as apple, pear or a banana. But try not to have too much as even though the sugar they contain is natural, it’s still sugar.

So having a lot of fruit at is also not good for you. It’s best to have dinner by 7-8 at night and go to sleep on time. This will help more with your weight loss.

Tip 10

Add Fruit And Vegetables To Your Diet

My 10th tip is to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. As you know to lose weight we need to eat food that contains fewer calories, and fruits and vegetables contain very few calories but they will fill you up just as much as a normal meal or snack. They also contain a lot of fiber, which is very helpful or losing weight. They also detox your body, which is also great for weight loss. A lot of fruits and vegetables contain a lot of protein, which is very important in order to lose weight.

Add Fruit And Vegetables
Add Fruit And Vegetables

For example spinach, green beans and banana’s contain a lot of protein. Bananas are a great snack if you’re hungry or having a sugar craving.

Every fruit and vegetable has its own benefits for your skin, health and weight loss.

Weight loss should not be our only goal; we should also strive for good health and skin. When someone decides to lose weight, all they can think about is losing weight. But we should also not forget about our skin and our health.

For now these are my 10 tips for you, you should definitely incorporate these into your daily life.

Weight loss is only possible if you change your lifestyle and some habits, if you change these things slowly, which I have mentioned, then before you know it, you will start losing weight, you’ll have more energy and you’ll feel better about yourself.

I hope you liked my post, if you did then please like the post and share with your family and friends.